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September is in Full Swing!


We hope to see you at the

15th Annual Festival

of Children



We Dream of a Cure for Neuroblastoma

This September, Friends of Cathryn Fund (FRoC) and Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) are thrilled to partner with Festival of Children Foundation for the Carousel of Possible Dreams.

We are raising much needed funds for NANT, a global consortium of pediatric oncologists devoted to bringing new therapy and new hope to families of children with Neuroblastoma (www.nant.org). Neuroblastoma is an aggressive solid tumor pediatric cancer, affecting about 800 young children who are diagnosed with it each year in the US.

Click here to learn more or make a donation.

Festival of Children Foundation has partnered with Indi.com to celebrate National Child Awareness Month (NCAM) this September. Children’s charities across the nation will be highlighted through a talent based video challenge, called the "NCAM Talent Challenge." A great chance for your organization to receive $50,000!

For additional information, please go to: indi.com/ncamchallenge

INDI NCAMChallenge