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About National Child Awareness Month and the Youth Ambassador Program

In recognition of National Child Awareness Month, an initiative spearheaded by Festival of Children Foundation to raise awareness for children’s issues and encourage the Nation’s youth to take action, Festival of Children Foundation has collaborated with Youth Service America to create the National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassador Program. The NCAM Youth Ambassador Program is now in its second year.

NCAM-FOCF-YSAYouth Ambassadors from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. are selected, trained and commissioned to raise awareness for children’s charities and to create projects that help solve critical issues facing their community. Key objectives are:

  • To raise awareness for issues facing children in the United States
  • To provide resources to children’s charities to improve what they do to help children
  • To mobilize a national youth network dedicated to raising awareness and taking action

Thousands of youth leaders across the country submit applications to be chosen as the representative from their state. Fifty-one Ambassadors are selected and trained in Washington, DC, by expert staff and given helpful resources as well as a $1,000 seed grant to execute their project.
The Ambassadors work on their respective projects for one year – 51 new Ambassadors will be selected the following September.

Visit for more information about Festival of Children Foundation.

Visit for more information about Youth Service America.

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