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 Thank you for helping KIF1A families realize our dream!

Together, we have raised over $30,000 to accelerate KIF1A research. Thank you video from our KIF1A Kids: is a parent-led foundation dedicated to finding a cure for KIF1A-Related Disorder, a rare, neurodegenerative genetic disease. Approximately 100 people in the world are currently known to have the disorder, which causes complex medical conditions that rob children of their full ability to talk, walk and see. Waiting is not an option for KIF1A kids; we need treatment today. powers vital medical research to discover treatment. Every day we are closer to understanding KIF1A and how brain function is disrupted by mutations in the gene. We have an urgent need to support ongoing research leading to the discovery of medicine or therapy. Our fundraising goal of $25,000+ will be applied to medical research currently underway at Chung Laboratory at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. With your help we will get one step closer to discovering a cure for every KIF1A kid. 

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Together, we will create a brighter future for KIF1A kids! 

Questions? Contact Kathryn Atchley at or learn more about our organization at Festival of Children Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of this event.

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