The RARE Carousel of Possible Dreams


 Dear Friends,

The Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness and Support Foundation is proud and excited to part of this special event to help our Pediatric Patients and their Families, and to further research, as well as awareness of Relapsing Polychondritis among the medical and general communities. 

The Title of our Possible Dream is Pediatric Relapsing Polychondritis - Rare Beyond Compare

We need to respond to the urgent need of the growing population of Pediatric Relapsing Polychondritis patients and their families. It is still very rare, but until recently, the children were going undiagnosed into adulthood, suffering terribly. We want to make current resources available to educate providers and patients’ families. Most exciting is we are working to fulfill our dream of creating one or more family-oriented conferences. To bring together professionals and families to share current therapies, studies, legal consults and other opportunities, as well as discussion forums and fun activities for the children.

Please help our team raise critical resources for this important cause. With your support, our team can do it!  Every gift counts. Thank you!

Would you like to join our team? Sign up today and set your goal. Spread the word! We can help you with materials and sample emails if you'd like.

We're in this together to help the children and their families. To put an end to delayed diagnosis and needless suffering. To hopefully find a cure.

Your support is deeply appreciated. Together, we can make our Dream a reality!

 Kenny Ritter

Team Captain

 For more information about Relapsing Polychondritis, please visit our website at

Festival of Children Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of this event.

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