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Help us drive research to improve care and discover treatments for people with M-CM / MCAP!

M-CM (macrocephaly-capillary malformation, also known as MCAP and M-CMTC) is a rare genetic syndrome that causes overgrowth of the brain and the body, and can have impacts on all body systems. It is extremely rare, with under 300 known patients worldwide.

The degree to which M-CM affects individuals varies widely. Common medical challenges include muscle weakness, hydrocephalus, chiari malformation, and seizures. Most individuals have learning or developmental disabilities.

The M-CM Network has been providing educational and awareness resources for M-CM patients since 2011.

In 2018, our dream is to fund a group of research projects.

Create cellular disease models
This project will develop stem cell lines from skin cells of four patients, which can be differentiated into neuronal cells to study how the brain is affected. These cellular models can also be used to understand the effect of the disease mutations on cells and eventually to screen drug treatments for resolution of these effects.

Improve medical management
A meeting of experts will review medical findings of the past few years to update and improve guidelines for medical management.

Document medical history with a registry
A longitudinal registry to document the impacts of the condition and treatments in a small and varied patient population will be launched.

YOU can help accelerate research and improve the lives of people with M-CM. Use the blue JOIN TEAM button to create a fundraiser and tell your own story about M-CM. OR you can contribute to one of our team members and share their stories.

Offline donations can be mailed to:

M-CM Network
PO Box 97
Chatham NY 12037 USA

Please tell us the name of the team member we should attribute your donation to.

For more information about M-CM / MCAP and the M-CM Network, visit


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